Upcoming project.

I see all.

Key Goals.

  1. Have a robotic skull that is able to move its ‘eye’
  2. Have it recognise / record faces and assign them to people
  3. Be able to recognise speech and talk back


The above photo is a knock-up photo – the final thing should look marginally better.

I’ve always love the Terminator films; the idea of super sentient machines is scary, fascinating and seemingly becoming a reality in our lifetimes. Now with consumer tech where it is now it’s now finally possible to dabble in it myself – building off my previous projects such as the Arc Reactor MKII + MKIII, which used Jasper for voice recognition, I’m working on using OpenCV via some nifty tutorials such as Knight of Pi’s guide to also add facial recognition.

This will hopefully result in a super scary – but awesome – project, which I can then build on and improve.

Progress so far.

So far I have a Jessie installation with OpenCV working and recognising faces, as well as the little servo setup for moving the camera and of course Jasper setup for voice recognition/TTS.

Now its just a case of sitting down and making it all work together to make the robot move and seek humans, ID them, snap shots of them and maybe even ask for confirmation of who they are so it can log them for future recognition.

If you like what you read follow the blog, follow me on Twitter and also check out my Youtube Channel where I will be posting some videos of the device in action when it’s up and running a bit more.

A few photos.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming project.

  1. gg18 March 28, 2017 / 12:23 am

    This is awesome. Keep at it!


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