Nerf Gun Ammo Counter / Range Finder

Oh yeah.


Because ammo counters are cool and range finders are also pretty cool and Nerf is cool – mix them together and its ice cold.

I had the idea for this a while back but have only now just decided to build, with the release of the awesome Rainbow Hat from Pimoroni.

This would give me the display needed for the range in CM and a clear display for the ammo counter itself.

You can also check this project out on Hackster.

Key Goals.

  1. Make a device that can measure distance from the barrel of a Nerf gun.
  2. That can also count down remaining ammo in a clear way.
  3. Make it modular.

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Its always interesting to look back on hardware from the prior decade, late 2007 delivered us the Netbook; the promising but short lived micro-laptop that existed in the void prior to Apple’s iPad.

Ten years before that we had The Tamagotchi and The Nintendo64. Also Half Life was just a twinkle in Gabe Newell’s eyes.

The other day I recalled This awesome project and wondered if I could combine it with This also awesome project and have a tiny 2015 device (I’ll be using the original Pi-Zero not the new Zero W) inside a relatively tiny 2007 device.

I thought it would be cool to put something like Lubuntu on the Netbook itself and be able to remote into the Pi inside to access the probably-faster but much-tinier hardware it provides.

You can also catch this project on Hackster

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