Franken PC

I never saw a more interesting creature.

Thanks to Banggood for this project! They contacted me a while back about doing another project after the Holo Cube, so I had a look through their site and found this Mini PCI-E to PCI-E adaptor and thought about combining it with one of my old laptops I have laying around to put a newer graphics card in it and see if it can, what else; run Crysis.

You can also catch this project on my Hackster.

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Pocket Pi



I’ve seen some really good Portable-Pi builds such as Ben Heck’s Portable Pi and stuff like this and thought I’d try one out myself using parts I have laying about as a quick mid-week project to take my mind off the nasty cold I currently have.

The main part I had laying around was an ESD box I got from somewhere. Not sure where and I can’t find it anywhere else online so I have linked below to the closest I could find online.

Lets take a look how it went!

You can also check this out on my Hackster.

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