The Scorpion ~ Star Trek Inspired Robotics


First off thanks to Elegoo for sending me the robot car that I’ve used for this project!

When Elegoo first contacted me I said it would be cool to add some extra stuff to their already cool Robot Car V3.0 – they agreed and I got thinking about what could be done.

So I was watching the Star Trek TNG episode ‘The Quality of Life’ and thought it would be cool to add on a Raspberry Pi to the bot and see if I can make something similar.

As an overview; in the episode the Exocomps are designed to be used for doing work in dangerous/unreachable areas, until a character suspects that they may have sentience and questions how they should be treated.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to start using Tensorflow to get the bot to take pictures and analyse them, sending the results to the user.

You can also catch this on my Hackster profile.

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