Terminator Glasses

Tech Noir.

I’ve been thinking of making a pair of Terminator Glasses for a while now; basically I was thinking of having the red eye behind the glasses that would move around as the wearer looks about.

I was looking around for a good LED platform to use when I came across Pimoroni’s very handy looking 5×5 RGB LED matrix, so I got it purchased and got to work.

Key goals:

  1. Have a pair of glasses with the iconic terminator red eye.
  2. Have the eye move when the glasses are moved in a direction.

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Tinned Heisenberg Principle | Arduino


So it turns out I may have been wrong about much of the below (as I thought) The user ‘eivind’ on Hackster left me a comment pointing me to This video which probably explains things better than I did.

I’m still trying to get my head around it all.


This is a bit of a weird one and I’m almost definitely going to get some concepts wrong here so bear with me.

I was reading up about Quantum Physics the other day, trying to make any sense of it at all and I got to The Uncertainty principle – which is essentially (from my limited understanding) where any quantum particle (wave?) measured is affected by the equipment used to measure it.

I think.

So basically whatever you try and measure you affect and so cannot get an accurate measurement of.

I don’t understand it fully, so what better time to try and make a project about it, right?

You can also catch this on my Hackster.

Key Goals:

  1. Make an device that when closed has a certain output that can’t be seen, based on a value from an environmental sensor
  2. Ensure that when opened and attempted to be measured the sensor input is changed and thus the output is changed

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