RGB Potion


First up thanks to DFRobot for sending me the parts for this!

So I was thinking about potions and stuff in games and the varied colours of them, red for health, blue for magic and green for stamina usually.

I thought it would be awesome to make a light up one – with fully customisable 255/255/255 RGB colour customisation with a rotary encoder – so I suggested the idea to DFRobot and they kindly agreed to send me some parts.

I also had a maple syrup jar laying around that I thought would look great lit up.

Key Goals:

  1. Make an LED ‘potion’ that lights up.
  2. Make it fully adjustable throughout 3 channels of colour.

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Infinity Gauntlet

Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe.

First up I’d suggest that if you haven’t seen Infinity War or Endgame yet then stop reading here and go watch them; there are no real spoilers but there are definitely references to the movies in this article.

Anyway – I saw Endgame the other day and just, oh wow.

I thought I should definitely do an Infinity Gauntlet project – and then it came to me, I can combine it with my Artificial Life Project and have it light up and stuff but also wipe out 50% of the life in the project, perfect synchronicity – is that a word? Google says it is.

So I got on with planning…

Key Goals:

  1. Have a wearable Infinity Gauntlet that lights up as in the film.
  2. Interface it with my Artificial Life project.

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