Freezing a Raspberry Pi 4


First off do not try this at home – it may damage your Pi or cause things in your freezer to thaw if the door is left ajar in anyway. This is a joke experiment, do not replicate! I take no responsibility for damaged Pi’s.

Anyway – it’s summer time at the moment and I just got my new Raspberry Pi through with a case from Pimoroni – and it looks so nice:



But even with the big new heat sink on it still gets pretty toasty – especially around summertime.

Last year I did an experiment with using cooking oil to cool a Pi – while not exactly practical it certainly did the job in cooling the Pi down a good 22 degrees or so compared to passive air while running Quake 3.

So this year I thought about how I could one up myself with an even more ridiculous experiment – putting the Pi in a freezer!

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