Sons of the Patriots System – Metal Gear Solid inspired Nerf & Raspberry Pi Project

Metal Gear?!

Key Goals:

  1. Make a Nerf Blaster than can only be fired by users with an authorised fingerprint
  2. Be able to get sensor data on the user and environment
  3. Be able to remotely administer the system

I’ve had the idea now for some time to make a Metal Gear Solid 4 inspired project based on the SOP System that’s in the game – so when Digitspace asked me if I had any project ideas I told them about it and they were happy to sponsor the project and give me the parts! So thanks to them for enabling me to make this project!

So, in a nutshell the SOP System in game is a system than controls all military hardware and ensures that unauthorised users can’t utilise tools if they aren’t registered on the system.

For further explanation check out the in game cut-scene with extra details:

So with the project plan and parts from Digitspace I constructed the hardware around a Nerf Blaster and got to work!

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