DOOM Revenant inspired Cyber-Skeleton

Knee-Deep in the Project

I went to a store the other week and found a cool Skeleton in their Halloween section, I immediately thought; that’s got enough room in it for some hardware… images of a spooky cool Raspberry Pi/Arduino powered Revenant inspired Cyber-Skeleton came to my mind through a UAC-like portal.

I thought it would be awesome to have a skeleton that could move its mouth, light up an LED eyeball and even take some pictures (with some ML on top) as a cool geeky and DOOM inspired Halloween prop.

Revenants in DOOM are basically cybernetically enhanced demon skeletons – you can find out more about these awesome things from here.

Here it is reading up on some Texel sheep (prior cybernetic augmentation).

So depending on your preference, put on some music from Bobby Prince, Aubrey Hodges, Mick Gordon or Andrew Hulshult and David Levy and let’s dive into The Revenant!

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